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BlackMo Snowmobile Club

Located in the heart of Pennsylvania



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A few pictures taken at Kevins house after the chicken soup was prepared for the the Winter Festival. These were taken Jan. 16th.

The new sign Blake & his wife madeBrian & Jen hanging out after the soup was doneDoug in outer space...must have eaten too much soup???Kevin, Mark, & Brian discussing important matters(right!)

A few pictures doing final preparations for the winter festival. Taken Jan. 26th.

Getting ready to hit the roadThe rest of the gang getting ready to hit the roadMel & Dee getting poker chips readyWe lost our bags so we have to use pillow cases

Yes, Mel is hiding her face again!

Pictures taken at the Winter Festival Jan. 27th.

cross country skiersKids riding Z-120'sAfter the rideA few sleds at station 1

A long line of sleds coming into station 1A few Poker RunnersA few more people leaving station 1Discussing plans for the day

Everyone getting tiredMore tired peopleThe campfire with people that you can't seeTorches from the torch ride

The crowd after the torch rideThe snow queenSled riding & snowboardingHanging out at the food